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Travel to the Caribbean

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When fantasizing about a dream beach vacation, we often think of the crystal clear water of The Bahamas, white sandy beaches of the Cayman Islands and laying under a lone palm tree with a tropical drink in Barbados. A short flight from the U.S. mainland, the Caribbean offers many tropical island beach experiences and resorts. Travelers to the Caribbean can enjoy turquoise waters, a vibrant yet chilled out culture, incredible shopping, not to mention experience Portuguese and Spanish spice trading history and the British, French and Dutch influence from colonizing the Caribbean islands.

Affordable Caribbean Vacations Every summer we see celebrities gallivanting on exclusive Caribbean beach resorts in St. Bart’s or yachting around the US Virgin Islands. Although the Caribbean can be expensive, traveling to the Caribbean is ideal for budget travelers, too. Great Value Vacations offer Caribbean vacation packages at affordable prices so you can experience the turquoise waters of Tobago, the volcanic islands of The Grenadines, the spice plantations in Grenada or sailing around Antigua. The various Caribbean islands are each equipped with endless options of entertainment, from hiking St Lucia’s verdant Piton Mountains to relaxing in Bermuda. There really is something for everyone in this special part of the world.

The Best Caribbean Vacation for Families The Caribbean is an inexpensive vacation for couples and families. St. Lucia is a perfect vacation for adventuring families traveling to the Caribbean. There is hiking in and around the beautiful mountains, which are remnants of volcanoes. Enjoy zip-lining through the famous Piton mountain ranges by day and soak in natural hot springs at sunset. Families seeking more than a beachside hotel and pool activities are increasingly choosing St Lucia for adventure tourism. Jamaica also caters to families as well and is popular for younger kids due to non-stop flights from many U.S. cities. St. Thomas in the US Virgin Isles also has an amazing Coral World Ocean Park where dolphins, sea lions, turtles and reef fish are on display.

Luxurious Vacations for Couples and Friends Couples and friends on vacation always enjoy the electric beach party and nightlife of the Caribbean. Turn up the volume, put on your bling and vacation like vacation like a Hollywood A-lister. The Caribbean strives to treat all travelers like VIPs! Whether you want to make like a supermodel or NFL football star on a private yacht charter around St. Bart’s, relax in a private Puerto Rican villa or indulge in some beach bikini selfies in Turks and Caicos like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, the Caribbean playground of the rich and famous can be yours.

Caribbean Languages and Culture

The Caribbean isn’t just one place, it’s made up of almost 700 inhabited islands and more than 30 territories influenced by a blend of Dutch, French and British rule over the centuries. In fact, the West Indies are 10 territories of the Caribbean who all speak with a Caribbean accent. Yes, this is what makes their accents so very cool maahhnnn.

Different Caribbean islands often speak different languages. So while you may be fluent in Spanish at one beach, you may need to point to communicate on another. It can definitely be confusing and learning some local lingo to get by before arriving in the region is suggested. There are also some great translation apps to download to your phone as well. The good news is that the people of the Caribbean are welcoming and hospitable regardless of language.

Rum Distilleries in the Caribbean As popular as Scotch whisky tours are in Scotland and winery tours through Burgundy and the Loire Valley in France, rum tours in the Caribbean are becoming more accessible. Rum connoisseurs will note the signature cocktails in the the Caribbean contain different types of dark rum and white rum. Learn more about the distilling process on your visit to Grand Caymans to Casa Bacardi in Puerto Rico, to Hampden Estate in Jamaica or House of Angostura in Trinidad. Your friendly bartender will also tell you some of the history around the rum industry as you enjoy a rum cocktail to celebrate a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean.

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